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Originally posted by Mr B

I do not think it will work, I do not believe you can use files created in a later software version on earlier version. Only the reverse is true, if the file was created on 1.8 then you could use it on 1.83.
Best advice is get the software updated.

According to the iLive V1.83 firmware release notes:

Note 9: Show memories archived in V1.8 firmware are not compatible with V1.7 and older firmware. However, Shows created using older firmware versions can be opened and re-archived in more recent versions. Shows created or re-archived in more recent versions will not load on systems running older feature release firmware. This does not apply to Shows created in maintenance releases within the same feature version, for example V1.83 and V1.82.

so it should work…..as 1.81 ,1.82, and 1.83 are maintenance releases……..Although it would be more efficient to have the user update to 1.83 as suggested by the other posters as 1.83 fixes several issues (as did 1 .81 and 1.82)