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Hi selfmade,

You shouldn’t need a switch between your Dante card and your computer. One Cat5 or Cat6 cable should be fine.

Perhaps you could check a few things;

– Is DVS (Dante Virtual Sound Card) switched on? I know that sounds silly to ask, but the ON switch is sometimes not noticed by some of our users (including myself!). It’s a green or grey circle in the middle of the DVS window.

– Have you set your laptop to DHCP? If your computer is on a static IP address, it probably won’t be able to fully communicate with the Dante module. Unless you’ve changed your Laptop IP address, it’s probably set to DHCP.

– Do you see anything on the Dante Controller software? Does at least the mix rack Dante card appear? As the Mix Rack Dante Card and your Laptop should appear as separate devices. If not, could you please check if any LEDs are flashing on the front of the Dante module.

– Can you also confirm your laptop network port is gigabit. If you’re unsure where to find this out, please let me know what Operating System you’re running (Windows XP, 7, Mac etc) and I’ll be happy to give you further details.

I hope these points help us get to the bottom of things, hopefully these things won’t be ideas you’ve already tried.

Let me know how you get on,