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Thanks Andy,

Editor is useful more useful in fact and by far and away the best software of any manufacturer and I love it, we use to pre write shows for customers and use it to run our own gigs or do monitors but it is slightly less intuative than the touchscreen and not something I want to leave with an inexperienced operator

The reason we want to be able to supply an external screen is that our most common modus operandi is we set the set gig up ensure everthing is running through sound check and then leave and return later putting my laptop under my arm as I go leaving the operator to run the system from the touchscreen.

The touchscreen is marginally small and particularly hard to read in sunlight (and no angle adjustment on T series) and we would love to be able to leave a 17″ or similar touchscreen that mimics the screen on the surface allowing easier reading and operation.

Whilst its completey understandable that A & H can not support and write specific drivers for every single touchscreen on the market I would hope that working with only one or two manufacturers they could offer a pathway to having this available.

As to the cost I dont know what the price of the GVision were but given this would be specialist request I would suggest the price is the price and you either pay it or you don’t but it appears currently that there are no options at any price as the there are no drivers for the current models.