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Hi Guys

In terms of an update on external touch support, we haven’t progressed the newer GVision drivers. Lots of customers were complaining about the cost of the GVision screens compared to competitors.

The problem with new screens / drivers, is there are multiple Linux distributions in use in different series of iLive and iLive-T/R, which makes getting a specific 3rd party external touch screen to work on all models very difficult. Especially when the distro’s are from different vendors and span 5 years in time!

We’re using custom rolled kernels in most models, so the stock drivers you will get from most external touch manufacturers will not work, and need to be compiled from source against our kernel version.

This is probably beyond the scope of _most_ users, and runs the risk of bricking the touchscreen if you get something wrong, so we would probably not encourage this.

I guess with the arrival of Editor, and then Mixpad most customers need for this feature declined – we don’t seem to get that many requests any more.

There are also some advantages to using a laptop running editor, with a large touch screen attached to the laptop, because you get a second way of controlling the desk.

I hope this helps.