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Just to clarify a couple of points – GLD does not replace iLive. The two systems are significantly different. iLive offers more control options, networking and redundant capabilities, multiple access, higher channel count, and 32 mix outputs. GLD is designed to open up all the benefits of digital technology to a wider group of customers, thanks to its lower price point.

We are fully committed to the future of our iLive range, and our R&D engineers will keep working on updates.

A note on compatibility: dSNAKE is not compatible with ACE. It is not possible to connect iLive MixRacks to a GLD mixer, or to connect GLD AudioRacks to an iLive system. Nevertheless, GLD and iLive can be happily interconnected and share audio using the A&H range of audio networking cards (ACE, Dante, Ethersound etc), e.g. for a FOH/Mon digital split.

All other questions will be answered following the product launch at NAMM.