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Not obsolete – i understand the GLD processing is max 48 channels /20 buss. Also – I assume you would only have preamp control/ recall of preamp on an iLive mixrack if you have an ACE card installed in the GLD? It would make an excellent monitor split for an existing iLive set up though.
I’m hoping the new AR2412 and AR84 audioracks will also be accessible from an iLive mixrack as an extender. Although there is no mention of this when you think about it the new audio racks are just like an XDR16 – they have preamps but no processing dsp. It would be so cool if they could be used as extenders for an iLive mixrack ( with iLive firmware update of course). The dSnake protocol must be very similar! I guess we will all know soon!! They are being released on the 19th Jan.


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