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My understanding is that in the current Dante firmware, all three ports are actually the same. The next firmware version will prevent Dante audio traffic being sent out of the Control Network port, so that this port can be connected up to the iLive network without issue. You may find that if you do not use multicast streams in the Dante network, no audio traffic gets transmitted out of the Control Network port anyway, as unicast traffic should be routed properly by the Dante card’s on-board Ethernet switch. Of course if you have an isntance of DVS or some other Dante device connected up via the iLive network ports, Dante audio traffic will then be routed into the iLive network, potentially exceeding the ACE net bridge bandwidth limit, whether it is made up of unicast flows or not.

You could experiment by just setting up a couple of Dante audio flows, while monitoring the advanced ACE status data I mentioned in my previous post. If the audio traffic is ending up being routed to the iLive network, you should see the Net Bridge (I think it’s called aggregation port in the GUI) RX packets and RX bytes counters increase dramatically. You could then try altering where things are plugged in or the type of flows being created by Dante Controller, and seeing if you can stop these packets getting onto the iLive network.

Hope this helps


– Jeff, A&H