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I briefly went over the GLD Document, and the language written such as “inherits key benefits” “new high end preamps” “builds on the success” “same outstanding quality” is carefully positioned.

Maybe future sales going forward will determine the fixed format T series end of life cycle, but I think most manufacturers already have this in there long term planning process. Change is just quicker then we have been accustomed to for those of us that have been in the business for a long time.

I did not see any reference in that document where inter mixing components was possible. I think from a marketing position, that would be a favorable statement written in that promotional piece.

Interested to see where the MSRP will end up in the US.
Certainly will benefit clubs, churches, small soundco’s, etc.

Yes, I see more expandibility with the T series, but I also don’t rule out that someday laptop, iPad, network connectivity, could also be done here too.

I would like to see a comparison chart between the systems.
Maybe that will be explained later or documented somewhere.

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