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Just some thoughts…..

I wonder if the dsnake could be ACE, just without the network bridging feature.

The DCA looks like an LED indicator but tied to the button (by a white line) which looks to be the Mute button also. So it doubles as a DCA assign?

Multiple MP3’s available that you can see along the left side of the screen. The finger is probably hiding something….(those rascals) [:D]

Top of the screen has SigGen USB Audio (selected) Audio Dy?? and Direct Out. That third one almost looks like Dyss but I just can’t tell for sure. Or maybe Dyes for Dynamic eq system…. For those who have been asking for it. [:)]

And I’d whole heartedly agree with every one 24×12 with 8×4 for a 32×16 stage capacity….no way to tell on the Surface I/O.


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