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What ever it is, I’m very interested because there is little chance of me getting $15K for the ilive for a church upgrade…but a $5k system maybe….I love the ilive features so as long as its close (which by the pics, It looks like it), I’m happy.

The mixer does have 2 usb ports, which according to the teaser1.jpg (the touchscreen one), it plays back audio files (only 1 from the looks of it) and records 1 channel. Also tells you how much space is left on the usb stick via a progress bar (no numbers to the looks of it).

Looks like the main brain (going along with the idr idea) has inputs 1-24 and outputs 1-12 and the expander unit has inputs 25-32 and outputs 13-16.

4 fader banks. LCD screens on channels (Hurray!). Curious why they have a “DCA” button on a channel, but I’m sure we’ll find that out…They could be just renaming the ACE protocol to dSNAKE?? tough to say….Monitor obviously goes to either and dedicated monitor board output, or a personal mixing system.

A&H, Can we have some higher resolution teaser pictures so we read more words on the board? :D

Can’t wait to see/here more….if you need someone to demo the system I would love to do it!

my iLive setup:
offline editor on mac, demo content on ipod touch