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does anyone have a point here with quoting what i said??? Yamaha have licenced the lake, no recreated it. personally i think its a stupid idea, especially when you have limited card slots…

i have an idea, why dont we make and iDR-CARDSLOT100 rack that is 26RU high and cand fit 100 expansion cards, then we’ll get all the manufactures to make their product in card form and we put them in the iDR-cardslot100 rack! yeah!

oh wait its called rack cases and RACK UNITS! no way! thats cool!


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OK, to all who need to understand why we use exeternal speaker processors…

Go read up and get pricing on one of these: https://lake.labgruppen.com/products/lm_26_features/
There is algorithms in there that are pateneted and will never ever be recreated by allen and heath or any other mixing console manufacturer for good reason.

BTW, isn’t Yamaha adding Lake processing to their desks?

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