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Hi Oscar,

iLive allows up to 128 channels in a single Dual-Rack setup (where two MixRacks are joint to form a larger mixer), but typically only 64 channels in a dual system such as FOH/Mon split. Dual (FOH/Mon) Dual-Rack setups are not supported – this is mainly due to sync issues.

An exception would be a system with modular MixRacks as slaves, as a workaround to achieve up to 96 channels:

iDR-64 (Master) with Port B:MADI – Link 1 to iDR10
iDR10 (Slave) with Port A:MADI – Link 2 to iDR-16 (32 channels only – channel 1-32 reserved for Dual-Rack bus link)

iDR-16 (Master) with Port B:MADI – Link 1 to iDR0
iDR0 (Slave) with Port A:MADI – Link 2 receiving 64 channels from iDR-64 Link 2

iDR-16 syncs from Port:B

Please note channel 1-64 in the MON system would appear as 65-128 at FOH. Channel 65-96 would appear as 1-32 at FOH.
No MADI redundancy in this scenario I’m afraid.

The Aux BNC connectors can be used for recording but Virtual Soundcheck would be difficult.

The same setup with Dante would make life easier for recording and virtual soundcheck by using routing presets in Dante Controller. A Gigabit Ethernet switch has to be used. Full redundancy will be possible with a secondary switch and a future Dante firmware update.

Hope this helps