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Andy, this would be very useful to us.

We use the same basic system week-in/week-out, and make changes to the setup in incremental stages as needs grow or ancillary equipment fails. There are so many things to get wrong when making an update to be used by others who don’t have the knowledge or rights to edit the desk programming, and with the best will in the world we still come unstuck occasionally when things get muted that shouldn’t be, etc. Having a “differences report” would help solve this, particularly if it can delve into scenes inside show files, and if it can tell us things like “Aux 3 is muted in the new scene, but was unmuted in the old. Did you mean that?” Such a report would also be really useful in building an accurate changelog for those managers coming at things from a software-development background, or for telling a team of operators what you’ve done, for example.

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