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This is GREAT input! Please continue the conversation.

And while you’re at it, help ease my concerns over recall time. Sounds like the way to go is to do an initial ‘store all’ as a “master template” scene, copy that for however many scenes I have (looking like 95-100 or so), then modify each scene as we rehearse/etc.

Here’s the catch: Can I recall these scenes “between syllables”? Having done this show on the analog desk that the iLive replaced, I’m aware of two or three scenes where I’m going to be hitting “Go” when the actor takes a breath… (Yeah, it’s that tight.) So recall time has to be instantaneous.

As something of a sidenote, I actually build ‘bridge’ scenes where Actors A, B, and C are onstage, Actors D and E come on stage with dialog and join A/B/C; then A and B leave; and all the while EVERYONE is talking…

I’m on 1.82 and haven’t tested the waters but, based on the comments above, this is the way I very well may go if the recall time isn’t a factor.

Again, THANKS for all the input. VERY helpful!