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my solution was installing controller on different computer, then I was able to set one dante unit as preferred master and slave to ext wc (i.e. iLive system), the other would stay as slave, then in other mixrack you tell to sync from port B. Then connection between mixracks works fine, haven’t check for longer time to estimate stability, but so far found no problems. Controller software on the particular PC still cannot be used- tried to remove/install it in different ways- no luck. I think there are place for improvements here.

I’m still having huge problems with DVS and recording things and after 2 months and more than 10 different computers and different recording software I’m about to declare this process being incredibly unstable and unpredictable. I really think this DVS is a bottleneck in whole thing, maybe a piece of hardware (PCI-e, ExpressCard) would bring some improvements. Or even better- some HW recorder that accept Dante. So far there is just JoeCo, but it can record up to 32 channels. Another machine is AES50 recorder from Klark, however then a network bridge from Dante is necessary, then it turns out to be quite expensive. But as they say- you don’t get anything free…