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Hello All!
Any updates on this issue as I face similar problems running Dante..?
Installed in Port B (IDR32/T80), Dante is shown in the Port B window. While watching under “Expander” is shows a message in red saying “incompatible option card”. The firmware is 1.83. When set to recording with my MBP and Logic I get all the signals, but with random clicks over all track as ddff_lv described above. The Audio signal is avaliable on all desired tracks. Further, I can NOT see or change any setup details in the controller. Obviously the major reason for having the clicks.
It simply does not show any status messages for clocking and so on…
Whether the IP config is set to manual or not. Any help for an old analog guy? :-D

Thanks to everyone including A&H for the forum. It was helpful for several questions already.