Hi Rui,

Firstly we’re very sorry to hear that you’ve suffered a main-board failure and we can only apologise for any inconvenience and frustration this may have caused you.

Whilst this isn’t a ‘common fault’ it is something that can occur in very specific cirumstances. The nature of this fault is that at power on, and in certain environmental conditions (temperature differentials, humidity and high dust levels), the DSP DC circuit can cause an electrical over-stress.

We addressed this issue with a manufacturing change earlier this year – a new main board design and a modification for older main-boards – and we sent out a ‘Technical Bulletin’ to all of our international distributors to make them aware of the issue. Our distributors were then able to make a decision as to whether they felt it necessary to update any older units in the field.

>I am now worried because you are mentioning a board
>change AND a power mod, wich are two diffent things

The ‘new’ main-boards do not require the modification, the modification is *only* for older main-boards to bring them ‘up to date’ with the new main-boards.

The new boards (and old boards that have been modified) have a small tracking change which prevents this failure occurring.

The replacement main-board you receive from your distributor should be the new model which does not require any modification – all products shipped from the UK as of the 20th January 2011 will not require modification.

>I am a bit worried about the repair

The repair in this case is a straightforward PCB swap – there is no component level work involved. Also, the failure will have been confined to the main-board, no other parts of the system should be affected.

If you own any older iDR mixracks and you would like to have the modification performed please contact your local dealer or the distributor in your country, Avitel, who will be able to assist you further:

I hope this helps and again, apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Best Regards,
Allen & Heath Technical Support