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Hi ddff

sorry to hear that you have had this problem, this is not a known issue that we are aware of.
I do not think this is an issue with firmware, and i’m afraid i doubt reinstalling 1.83 will have any effect in resolving this issue.

Current settings (including scenes) are stored in the iDR Mixrack, but user shows are stored in the surface SBC.

The “Power Down” button, under “Utility” is there to ensure that the file system is ready for the power to be turned off. Whilst it is very rare, and unlucky for something to go wrong, if the surface was to power down in any other way, there is a small risk of something significant happening. Loss of the user shows would be a very unfortunate example of this.

A UPS for the surface as well as the iDR, and using the “power Down” on the touch screen button should have been able to prevent that from happening.


P.S. I wish I had a possibility to send event logs and tech questions to A&H directly, as existing way takes too much time- I got some questions unanswered for more than 2 months…

Have you submited a Support Ticket to A&H support?

Best Regards
Sam A&H