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RayS, it was just surface shut down incorrectly, the IDR was turned off normal way. UPS is attached to iDR. Shows/scenes are stored into iDR, so I’m keen to understand what exactly happened there.

The XL8 was mentioned not before I think it’s perfec desk (more than that- I have seen it crashing in very bad way), I just ment that stability and reliability is way more important than features, price and other benefits. So if ther’s a problem with FW version or it has to be applied several times before it works stable, I expect some service bulletin or direct info to users, or through dealers (maybe I just haven’t received that info) that there are issues and user action is required.


P.S. I wish I had a possibility to send event logs and tech questions to A&H directly, as existing way takes too much time- I got some questions unanswered for more than 2 months…