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Hi Luciano,

Due to the fact that groups, aux, mains and matrix (mono or stereo) are fully configurable has led to a limitation in coherent latency between some mixes. To date this only represented a problem for parallel compression application using 2 Groups – which was solved by the addition of parallel compression mode on the channel and mix compressors.

For your application you can mix 2 groups to LR coherently, but you have to pick ‘mono’ sequential pairs. Mono Groups 1/2 are coherent, Mono Groups 3/4 are also coherent etc. Stereo Group1 is a 2 channel pair so its coherent as a LR pair but not with the next Group.

The confusion over fixed latency on iLive may come from the fact the iLive has fixed processing on all input and mixes so you dont suffer insertion delay or delay due to different processing configurations.

We are looking into MixBus coherency. It will increase latency as other systems do, but maybe an option mode would be the best way to tackle that.

Good luck with your first play without even a soundcheck !
Should be cool with planning, iLive is pretty straight forward, just keep an eye on what your current mix is.

A&H R&D.

Hi Rob,
finally a comprehensive answer.
Haven’t tried yet double bussing on mono groups, quite honestly I don’t know wether that’s going to affect my mix or not but I guess it’s better than nothing. I usually use two stereo groups for that.
Having the compression parallel inject option on the input side on individual channels will not really serve the purpose. I have very little time for setting compressors during the show and there is no soundcheck time. I would have preferred doing that on a subgroup while having the original playing so that regardless of how good and fast I’m dialling in the compression the actual mix is unaffected.

Re : whole system delayed by the fact that automatic delay compensation is in place, no worries at all, especially for FOH applications, doesn’t affect anything.