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Both are trustworthy.

A attempt for a neutral comparison:

  • Dante with DVS (software ASIO driver) is cheaper
  • Dante with DVS has higher latency (which is not a problem for recording though).
  • There are laptop hardware interfaces for MADI. For Dante there’s only PCIe if you need the low latency (otherwise use the software driver).
  • Dante network setup is flexible. You can easily route the same audio source to multiple destinations. Every laptop can be used to record. No extra hardware needed.
  • You can bridge iLive control and Dante network over the same cable. You can also bridge the signal of your two Mixracks over one cable. Bidirectional. In general you’ll need less cable.

IDR32, Dante, Mixpad
laptop, TP-Link TL-WR1043ND