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These are the things I’m interested in, as of Ray’s suggestion to watch Dave using compression…. that’s all good stuff but you mentioning compression on VCA’s? Never heard of that !

I think you have misread my reply .there is no compressors on vca…..the subgroup is compressed but the vca is not obviously……take a look here for ex: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMMmR1u0CFk

To go back to your question and my reply ……there is no real need for you to make up compressed and uncompressed subgroups on an ILive because there is a compressor function that will directly assign “parallel compression”…….with dry/wet controls for either a subgroup or many ……look it up in the help menu or download the editor, you can get an idea on how you could use it……agree with lieven though that it’s a little awkward to use the little wet/dry knobs…..so his suggestion of using comps on both groups but only compressing the one makes sense too…….