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I usually use light compression on the inputs where it’s needed. I prefer using it on subgroups, obviously. If I’m using only 1 subgroup and apply processing on that one, every time I’m touching the inputs contributing to that subgroup I’m essentially affecting the compressor and all processing level dependent. That’s why I usually use two subgroups. That way, once my inputs are set I never touch them again, if I need to back down the inputs, I do it at the subgroup side. Not to mention that I have separate metering for both subgroups and I can see the contribution of my dry and wet parts, can AFL it separately. So that’s why I’m asking if it can be done on Allen / Heat. I’m doing this on other system and it works perfectly but there’s automatic delay compensation in place. I’ll have to mix on Allen/Heath the first time only on line check ( no soundcheck ) and I need to make sure I can apply some of the workflows I’m used to.