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You are dreaming if you think your ears are good enough to tell the difference between a signal delayed by just over half a meter.

That’s absolutely correct; there is a lot of BS talked about this kind of thing. Apart from anything else, live music with sound sources on a real stage are an awful lot more than 69cm apart, and with monitoring almost certainly not pointing the same direction as the FoH system, there is a lot of mish-mash of direct and indirect sound IRL. However, although it’s impossible to ‘hear’ the difference between sound delayed by 2 and 5ms, it is possible to ‘feel’ it in other ways: for example, I’ve introduced a 3ms delay into the piano sound being produced by Mainstage, through MADI, into our in-ears, because otherwise it felt like the keyboard was being played even before you pressed the key!

As a passive listener in a normal auditorium, I would not give much credit to anyone citing any meaningful effect in such a situation.