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Hi guys, I got the email about the new waves card this morning as I’m sure most of you did.
Anyone have any more info about it other than what’s on the A&H web site?

Looks like an alternative to Dante. I’d be very interested to know the price

R72 & IDR32

with all the waves stuff you end up aroud 10 grand…honestly i have been experimenting around using “studio daw” plugs – it is nice but the difference in a live enviroment (only my personal opinion) is not that fantastic , the build in stuff if good enough for standard gigs – except for the dynamic eq missing -wich i hope is still to come – any real better level – would be in luxury standalone world – such as bricasti reverb and so on…
anyway i am always curious audinate anounced their release of their card on the “computer side” fall 2012 this might be interesting too


allways latest firm and software
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