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Also …. could we change the background / upload new file to the ipad???

The background can be changed on MixPad under the utility screen and the style tab.
FWIW I’ve got the background set as ‘none’ and then the colour settings as follows:

Background 0. , 0. , 0. , 255
Border 0. , 255. , 0. , 255
Disabled 255. , 0. , 0. , 255
Text 255. , 255. , 255. , 255

Regarding adjusting FX parameters, I’ve been using Jump Desktop. It’s a great app that you can control an external PC from your iPad. The iPad2 will run both MixPad and Jump at the same time and you can use 4 or 5 finger sweep to go from one to the other.

The PC in control is perminately connected to my MixRack and stays on stage with the MixRack at all times (it’s my emergency PC if my router or iPad or remote PC all fail).

The stage PC is connected directly to the MixRack in one of the network ports and my router is directly connects to the MixRack in one of the other network ports. I can control the stage PC through the router and the MixRack seems to act as a switch.

With this set up i can adjust routing, ganging, scenes, FX etc from the iPad. You can even tap tempo but you need to make sure you don’t have any faders displayed on the PC your controlling otherwise the iPad can’t seem to do the metering and tapping at the same time if that’s makes sense?




iDR-32 – Netgear Router
Motion Computing LE1700 -wireless.
Dell Latitude – hardwired to MixRack for emergencies!
iPad2 & MixPad & Spashtop.
Dante – in the very near future.