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Hi Mumu

The functionality of the “mix/sel/pfl/” combo was not implemented in the Mixrack PL-Anet port because when running the system without a surface connected there is no need for the Mix and SEL functionality due to there being no surface to use these functions.


a workaround would be having the mix / sel/ pfl stored within the scene i recall
wich i havent figured out so far ( i believe it is not possible)

No i’m afraid iLive does not save Mix/SEL/PAFL state in a scene i’m afraid.

You could assign 1 softkey button to PAFL a Mix then another button to recall a scene with Strip layout and PL Functionality not the 1 button system i’m afraid but a 2 button system
You could also use 1 PL-6 button as a scene recall layer function that toggles between layer 1-2 which will then give you ability too have more than 10 mixes on the PL6. Use the static LED function to let you know which layer you are om e.g. green for layer 1, amber for layer 2.

Would that help at all?

Sam A&H