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you are correct – just tried to do it and did not find out.
my approach would be a different one – i would not change shows – as we have 250 scenes – i would store the monitor auxes as different scenes.( scene 1 / band 1,scene 2 band 2/ and so on)
a workaround would be having many aux sends ready and use this show as a “main construct show”
1. lets say you have 10 different musicians – but 5 monitor auxes.
2. setup 10 auxes each one for the appropiate musician – name em –
3. then you could only change the physical output on the rack and deactivate the ones not needed (no output assigned)and save the show.

hope that was not to crazy…


allways latest firm and software
iLive-144/t-80/idr-10 /idr-48/dante/pl-6/eyepad 1/belkin router/