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I had the same problem some months ago. my IDR16 wouldn’t boot anymore. It worked alright the week before. I am afraid there will be a problem with the DC power circuit for the DSP chips on the main board. Mine was replaced under warranty. New boards have a modification and there is a retrofit for older boards ( i did the modification on my older IDR48 main board because it was out off warranty but you better have good solder skills an a magnification glass )Off course you dealer can do the modification for you.
I suggest you contact your dealer to see if it is still under warranty.
resetting with the dip switches won’t work.

I suggest that everyone with an older fixed format board contacts his dealer to find out if the modification is needed and done. I did mine on the IDR48 because i don’t wan’t it to bite me in the bud some day. The IDR16 did but i could solve it with my IDR48

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