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You ar kidding, aren’t you?
Feed your auxes post fader and use DCA’s as you will at FOH. That’s the whole trick…

I’m sure I did’t make myself clear enough. I do know about possibility to run auxes postfader, but this time I was looking at typical corporate event when monitors are being mixed from FOH and DCA function is being different for each selection. When you’re in main mix mode your DCA works like all we know it does, when you select monitor mix ( any pre-fader bus) your DCA changes function and is capable to control all included channels in same proportion as for main mix but sending the bunch of signals to appropriate monitor mix- the way to get all drums to keyboard monitor, you select next monitor mix and you send all drums to percussionist monitor, select main mix and DCA is back to usual state.

This quote from Midas website explains much better: MCA groups (Mix Control Association groups), operate similar to VCA groups, but are specific to the selected mix. When the PRO2 is in Advanced navigation mode, and MCA navigation is engaged, the MCA faders control the contributions of their members only to the currently selected bus. This is a unique and powerful mixing tool, which puts the PRO2 in a class of it’s own for innovation and usability.