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I think that only thing that scene needs is preview , the tree structure is past century..and i sincerely hope that in the future there will be no difference between show or scene and it will be only one BIG SCENE that loads in a moment and has preview fumction!

You’re welcome to your opinion. Perhaps I’m misreading why you seem to be interested in downplaying others’ suggestions. Since digital boards haven’t been around a century I’ll have to assume you’ve a flair for the dramatic.

In a perfect world I could configure scenes or shows in most any heirarchy I choose. However being well aware of software engineering and embedded programming, I opted for a solution I would find useful and less complicated to implement.

thank you for reply, and i beg you a pardon for my overheated style.
you suggestion dragged my attention and in your reply i found the answer why. such suggestion can only make the person who have professional skills in soft technologies, and your solution have reminded me good old “windows commander” style program.
please don’t take it personal , in my opinion the future improvements have to be related with visualized objects that have no hierarchy at all, and of course configurable to your style of work.
all my remarks are based on experience of working with digital consoles at last 8 years and 2 of them I’ve spent with iLIVE,working up to 250 shows a year in different places including US,Canda,Germany most of them in Russia. i do not have the illusion that this is perfect system in the world, but it makes my work much more easy and i find here the new approach to whole process of the work that wasn’t found in same systems.

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