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Hi mumu


– in pl-6 edit the “mix/sel/pfl/afl/” combo is missing –

The “mix/sel/pfl/” combo is only available when you plug the PL-Anet device into the surface PL-Anet port i’m afraid.


– and again : add to the above mentioned combi a scene recall- why?

well: we have a t80 now in one of my bands we run 10 in ear monitor-auxes

with my pl-6 connected (i know – to the rack) i can assign 10 softknobs to recall the appropiate aux “mix/sel/pfl/afl/” – if this would include a scene where only the strip assignments (and of course the pl6 settings) are stored i have the surface changing to that specific aux – the mix is selected – it is pfl –

to make things short:
one button and i am on the guys monitor a real mean quickoe!!!
no layer changing no selecting just one button

Thanks for the feedback will add this to the feature request list.

Sam A&H