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Originally posted by Robert
– if you want to control by DCA send of individual channel to fx or aux just split that channel to another DSP channel cut it from master and assign strip to DCA …the question is for what??

Yes, it’s possible to split channels (provided You have enough channel strips…) but, in my opinion, it makes it more complicated.

Why would I want to do it? A very, very simplified example: Let’s say we have one vocalist with an acoustic guitar. I want to use the same reverb on the guitar and vocals. The problem is that the vocalist sometimes talk and play the guitar at the same time and I only want reverb on the guitar when this happens. This is when I would like to put a DCA on the vocal effect send to be able to control the effect send very easy.

Now add 5 ore more vocalists and a couple of effects to see the benefits. Not a bullet proof way but something I would like to do sometimes. Ymmv!


– the matrix is configurable post or pre fader, pre eq(if you whant the same EQ you can use copy paste..(or maybe it is forbidden is Sweden)

Yes, it’s possible to set pre/post fader (missed that) but how do You set pre eq (and comp)?


-and of course my friend in iLIVE you can send group to aux and efx returns to aux or return it back to DSP mixer channel frough efx rack and again send it where you want and special for you the opportunity to loop exf is already here.

Yes, it’s possible to send from a group to aux (missed that one too) BUT not to fx. At least not in editor or am I missing something (that’s been known to happen…)?


so you better stop and by iLIVE or go back to analog forum.


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