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UPDATE: Been seeing the issue again this last few weeks. Our stereo ambience feed tends to route ONLY the right channel to any other mix on the board. I’ve also seen the issue occur on stereo AV and piano inputs managed the same way. I’ve found two ways to bring stereo routing back:

1) Select the affected stereo channel, and hold down the “SEL” key in the pre-amp section
2) Reset the channel (holding RESET and selecting the channel SEL key).

When the fault occurs:
a) it’s usually the right channel that routes and the left channel going nowhere.
b) PAFL (assuming it’s in stereo mode) sometimes plays stereo, otherwise will match the routing.
c) the metering for the channel will show independent levels for L and R, with what look to be appropriate readings when using known source material.

Usually, recalling a scene (our “Defaults” scene) will trigger the problem if it doesn’t exist. Resetting the affected channel, saving changes to the scene or the show, then recalling doesn’t help.

I’m going to rebuild the desk settings from scratch today, and will then see if I can recreate the problem with fresh settings. If it behaves, I’ll see if I can run a differential report on the saved XML files for the old and rebuilt shows, to see if there’s a problem with the show file I’ve been carrying forward.

Meanwhile, has anyone else seen this issue, and is there a known fix?

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