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Hi All, I absolutely confirm Lieven’s statements as I got same experiences and I’m running my setup quite similar. The 2.4GHz is a NOGO as all standard WIFI devices and Bluetooth and… are polluting this range. I tested a couple of different router/antenna positions as well but today I use a twin-router config as 5GHz needs physically a line of sight and covers max. 40-50m (standard routers as DLink815 etc.). One Router on top of mix rack-case for stage purposes only (monitor check etc.) and second router close to may working position (FoH, mixing position). Important is that both iPad receives router and vice versa for a stable connection and is not disturbed by many other devices (10-30% of crowd brings a smart-phone today I expect) being active in this frequency range. I think in long term aspects WiFi will become a more and more critical path for remote control applications, unless it get’s special or professional frequencies.