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Hi guys and gals,

We’ve had some problems with WiFi. In particular, the high power antenna we use for our system interferes with the wireless MIDI receiver for our Roland Ax. (M-Audio MidAir.)

It helps to run the system over 5GHz, but this unfortunately precludes use of the iPhone / Tweak, which is one of the biggest advantages of the iLive system (for us.)

Unfortunately, we can’t run the antenna in dual 2.4/5GHz mode, and in any case, we would still then get problems with the wireless MIDI.

As the available frequency bands decreases with the reallocation program here in Europe, I expect that more and more of our equipment will run over WiFi (mics, IEM, iLive, WIDI, DMX, etc). In spite of it being not exactly legal, I intend to experiment with the use of over-powered antennae at venues, because I am afraid that the WiFi environment is going to become unsustainable in the long term, with everyone coming to gigs with their smartphones switched on and trying to log on to whatever routers are available. We already had problems in 2010 at one venue, and from speaking to various people here in Holland, it appears that some imported equipment from poorly-regulated countries (i.e. China!) uses illegal frequencies that interfere.