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I had similar problem with my system (iDR 32 + TP Link 1043 + iPad + FSC LifeBook P7230). Router is configured to be at, DHCP from *.100 to *.105 wireless SSID broadcast off, Wireless MAC filter with just 2 entries for both my devices, iDR default network config, multicast disabled.

This setup was working without any problems several shows before and worked fine half soundcheck last night. Then I noticed (being just 5m from router) that I can’t select different cannel on IPad- i.e. I could point at the channel, it changed colour as being selected, but right top corner and upper window values told me I’m still in previous. Laptop was 2 metres from router and constantly got message “connection lost”, in the recconect window I was able to look at error log and it said “no route to host” or something like that. I decided I’m getting some radio interference with some unknown and invisible equipment in the venue, so I changed wifi channel from Auto to fixed value (ch. 9). It kind of helped- I could restore connection, it was not very stable, but somehow I managed to finish the show.

Now I think some improvements are necessary in this system- first of all I’d like to get someone to comment the error log, as I think iDR might also be involved as I had problems to connect laptop directly via cable with static IP, for some reason iDR had some other IP, not the one it is configured for. After rebooting iDR few times it started to connect as expected. Second thing- not my yesterday’s case, but anyway, 2.4 GHz looks like very crowded place and there is not much possibilities to check which channel is free for use in certain venue, maybe I have to go for D-Link and switch to 5 GHz- afaik iPad has this band also (both generations?), however I still need external wifi for my laptop, don’t think the FSC is configured for both bands. Maybe some external antenna would help? Many choices here- starting from omnidirectional 7 dB to huge grid 24 dB directional. On other hand there is some loss in the cable. Any other techniques to improve signal quality (still not sure if that was real problem in my situation as neither laptop and iPad showed connection problems- full bars)