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FWIW, I’ve seen one review where the reviewer wasn’t impressed with the robustness of the IPad’s wireless and I’ve noticed that it will lose signal quicker than my Lenova X61. It also can make a difference with the orientation and even how you hold it. That I suspect is just the nature of the beast and something we have to deal with and be aware of. I think keeping the router up or possibly having some external higher gain antennas up in the air are options that could help. I’m using MAC filtering with a Dlink and haven’t tried WEP yet on it but my home router is WEP enabled and it doesn’t seem to bother with my web connection but it could likely be more trying with MixPad. If you want to use MAC filtering you need your MAC addresses for everything that,s going to connect to the router. I’m not sure if the iDR or instructions are supposed to have that listed but I couldn’t find it anywhere so I had to search and find a command line program called ARP that will give you the MAC of connected hardware. That’s Windows based, I don’t know about Apple software.


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