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I would put in a vote for nested scenes within a show file in a tree structure. Even if the number of scenes were limited, a parent/child relationship of the scenes would allow simpler ordering of acts, set lists, effects changes within a song/act, etc. To keep it somewhat simple you could keep a linear list but include a “level” field in the scene and add the ability to promote or demote scenes in the tree based on level. When moving scenes, a scene at a particular level can only move up or down in the list at its current level. All scenes below the current level move with the current level and maintain their ordering beneath the current level.

Of course there are other ways to do this, but I think the feature would be useful.

This can be accomplished with the ability to move scenes as a block as well. In that case I would suggest a means of visibly identifying related blocks to assist in manually selecting all the physical scenes to logical blocks. Being able to assign colors to the scenes would provide at least a visual indication of scene groupings to assist in using the current editing capability.