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Thank You Andy!

I suspected that was the case. Let’s look at this from an other angle. First some backgruond.

I’m planning for a sound system upgrade, among other things. for a Café. The Café is basically divided in two sections, one section is dedicated to drinking coffee, eating food etc and the other section has a stage and is also used for live performances, seminars, parties etc. The idea is to put a Mixrack and a Surface in this section. The Mixrack should be able to play three roles (not at the same time…):

1. Live sound from the stage. Controlled from the Surface and/or Editor/MixPad/Tweak. Sound engineer present.
2. Sound at seminars, parties etc (in the second section). Controlled from MixPad or Tweak. No sound engineer present!
3. Live sound in the “coffee drinking part” of the Café. Controlled from Editor, MixPad or Tweak. Sound engineer probably present.

Number 2 is the problem. I’m thinking of using Tweak or MixPad (with a custom layer) for this. However, we need a SIMPLE way to make sure the MixRack is set up properly without using the Surface. How can we do that? Maybe a PL-Anet controller could do the trick? I’m just afraid that if all the necessary data is stored in the Surface then we may be toast…

Åke Holmlund