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Hi ahlund,

The startup scene is only there for the surface. When using our iPad App (MixPad), iPhone/iPod Touch App (Tweak) or iLive Editor, the startup scene doesn’t get used at login. The login is only there to ensure your mixer is password protected.

This is because one of the main reasons for having startup scenes on the surface is where multiple users with varying levels of experience may be using a console, but the venue/owners may wish for some channels to be hidden on the surface (say output mains, for people to be unable to see/adjust the output GEQ or limiter). Therefore when the user logs in at the surface, in this particular startup scene scenario, only the surface strip layout changes, hiding or showing the channels required.

As Editor, MixPad and Tweak always give access to all of the channels; we decided not to include start up scenes in Editor, MixPad and Tweak.

We also felt that when the user connects Editor, MixPad or Tweak that these should in no way affect what is happening at the surface. We wanted to make sure that as Editors/Mixpads etc can come and go, the surface layout and mix rack settings didn’t suddenly get adjusted.

Hope that helps,