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Originally posted by sraymondAnother possible control is the PL-8 PL-Anet module that has four switch inputs and four outputs. You could drop it in a box with four switches and four led’s and assign functions to the switches from the editor. Someone on here was going to try that about a year ago. He played and mixed from stage and wanted some control of effects if I remember correctly.

Haha! That is I … but I can’t find the old topic. Yes, my PL-8 and I are getting on famously.

I don’t own a surface. For me it’s the Editor all the way.

All my FOH-from-stage shows include PL-8 programming created using the PL-Anet browser and simulator. I use stereo FX mix mutes on two of the switches (vocal verb and delay), delay tap tempo on the third and a DCA mute on the fourth.

(When I run FOH for other bands, I use the softkey simulator to manage those very same tasks. Don’t forget to save those softkeys into a scene for handy recall!)

As for the PL-8, it lives inside my FOH rack in a plastic electrical junction box. A female EDAC-20 is mounted in one side of the box, and the PL-8 itself is the faceplate. A single CAT5 cable curves around to PL-Anet jack on the front of my iDR-32.

Finally, for foot control I built a four-switch, four-led footboard attached to a 10m multicore terminating in a male EDAC-20. The PL-8 footboard stays by my left foot, while my guitar footboard and DMX/lighting footboard live by my right. Stomp stomp stomp all night long. On up-tempo numbers I look like I’m walking on hot coals but all that activity fiercely feeds my ADD :)