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Jump started to work when I went into my router settings and messed around with port forwarding options, not really to sure exactly what I did but this definitely had something to do with getting it working.

The only reason I have my ’emergency’ laptop directly into the MixRack is so if the router goes down I still have control of the MixRack and Jump does work with this set up.

I really wish A&H would make a dedicated router for us iLivers so then they can publish in depth instructions on how to set it up as at the moment he only variable in each iLive set up is the router…



iDR-32 – Netgear Router
Motion Computing LE1700 -wireless.
Dell Latitude – hardwired to MixRack for emergencies!
iPad2 & MixPad & Spashtop.
Dante – in the very near future.