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if one of the “success” guys could give us hints how to get it to work
that would be great


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Gary & Dave,

I just did the manual route when I set up Jump. I’m just a control freak I guess. Check https://support.jumpdesktop.com/entries/194620 for an overview of this though a lot of it’s not needed as it’s based on connecting from an outside network. I use manual addressing on my iDR network and set up MAC address filtering as well, though that’s a separate issue that shouldn’t matter for jump. The main items were setting my IP addresses in Jump and then setting port forwarding in the router for the 3389 port. I just did some digging in my router to find it, but the Jump link has info listed for finding instructions for a specific router. FWIW you also need to be aware of enabling remote desktop acess and windows/virus software firewall issues that can defeat RDP. Tips in the link as well. Something that occurred to me is that DHCP on the router could possibly foul things up if you happen to log in with multiple computers in different order as their IP addresses would change. Jump may get to a computer but if it’s not the computer you’re expecting, your login and password won’ be correct and keep you from connecting.

Another link for local networking manual setup… https://support.jumpdesktop.com/entries/156789-connectivity-other-ways-to-connect-if-you-do-not-want-to-use-a-google-account-to-log-into-your-pc

Gary … I’m not sure about the problem connecting with the computer connected directly to the iDR. It seems it would connect through the router via the built in switch but it’s possible that could interfere with the port forwarding from the router. I don’t have enough of a handle on how port forwarding works to say for sure. I’ll have to try it with my desktop connected that way and see if I can connect OK. Just noticed this when looking for the second link… https://support.jumpdesktop.com/entries/178056-connectivity-dell-laptop-users-black-screen-after-entering-windows-login-credentials

Maybe another issue could be mixing up the LAN and wireless IP’s on a computer or having the wireless on with the LAN connected…trust me, I’ve been there and done that….. [:(!]


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