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This is one of the best features of the iLive. I know a lot of people are going to use iPads to control things, but I like the simplicity of the PLs, plus they don’t run out of battery! :-)

A couple of suggestions:

1. I run 6 x PL10s on a PL9 hub. It would be good to have a matrix representation of the sends, with radio button functionality, rather than having to select each button / rotary fader and select the functionality from a list. For example, once ‘Aux Send Level’ on one or more controllers has been selected, it would be good to see a matrix of what is being sent where. Although it’s possible (and easy) to save PL10 settings as template, it’s a bit too time-consuming to go through and adjust every Source and Aux/Fx.

2. Indicator lights: currently, the indicator on a button is counter-intuitive if I’m muting an FX. It would be good to be able to select a different colour, or reverse the indication, for any given state.

3. Editor labels: rather than having to check each individual controller button / fader, it would be good to see the assigned function, perhaps just in a tool tip.