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Thanks to you for the suggestions. I’m running the ilive from a editor session from a rack mount computer and either a laptop (if I need to walk around and mix) or a monitor/keyboard/mouse. So this means I don’t have any soft keys!

I like the idea of using the PFL headphone bus to monitor the mains. I could send that mix to one channel of my IEM and my normal monitor mix to the other channel of my IEM. I have a dial on the IEM receiver that I can rotate to mix or isolate each channel. That way I can have easy access to both mixes from my belt pack.

Thanks again!

You can use the softkey tool simulation under the Tools menu in editor to simulate softkeys. Another possible control is the PL-8 PL-Anet module that has four switch inputs and four outputs. You could drop it in a box with four switches and four led’s and assign functions to the switches from the editor. Someone on here was going to try that about a year ago. He played and mixed from stage and wanted some control of effects if I remember correctly.


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