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Use the PAFL headphone buss to feed your ears? Just solo your aux for your normal IEM feed, solo off = mains. This would only be good if you don’t need the solo buss for other duties and if no one else can activate the solo! You could then use your IEM system in stereo and also free up another IDR16 output!
Another way might be to set up two scenes that recall different patch bay (output) settings only – say scene 1 = your IEM aux out Idr16 A1, scene 2 = matrix 1 feeding IDR16 out A1. Feed the main mix to the matrix 1 buss and then you can use that matrix fader as a level of mains to your ears. I haven’t tried this to see if there are any glitches in the audio when the pachbay outs are changed – but it might work ok. Edit the scenes to only contain patchbay settings and nothing else. You could then assign those scenes to soft keys for quick recall.


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