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Hi Moses

To output audio to a PortB module you need to go to the Outputs page on the surface touchscreen and select the PotB tab. If you have your MADI card fitted to Port B it will say ‘PortB:MADI’

You should then be able to select channels 1 – 64 and choose what source you would like to send out of the Port B MADI e.g input direct out or Mixrack inputs.

To recieve audio to input channels on the iLive from an external source select the preamp of a channel and select the source PortB:MADI and you will have a choice of MADI channels 1-64.

To set all input channels to source there inputs from PortB quickly go to the ‘mixrack setup’ page then ‘mixer preferences’ – ‘Quick input source setup’: here you can tell a range of inputs to source audio from either Port B or local inputs.

You need to make sure you have the correct audio clock setup. If you wish the iLive to be the master audio clock set the clock source on the iLive to Internal.
This is the recommended setup for connecting a computer to iLive via MADI.

Physical connections:
iLive PortB Link1 Out port to Link 1 in port on the computer pcie card
iLive PortB Link1 In Port to Link 1 Out Port on the computer pcie card

for further information please follow the link below to the understanding MADI guide:

Hope that helps

Sam A&H

sam i am waiting for some help regarding the madi