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Hi guyharris,

Thanks for your post, I really enjoyed reading how iLive saved the day!

I read you had a little issue trying to get some of the signals out of the main centre output, so I thought it’d try and explain just some of the LR output configurations we have to offer in iLive:

LR – Mono and stereo channels go out of both L and R outputs. (Sorry, I’m sure we all know this one! But I wanted to start simple).

LR Sub – Same as LR above, but an additional Sub level. If a channel becomes un-assigned to LR, it’ll stop feeding the sub too.

LR Mono – Same as LR above, but an additional Mono level. If a channel becomes un-assigned to LR, the Mono output will continue to output.

LCR – Mono inputs start in the center, and can be panned left or right. Stereo inputs only output out of L and R. (You were right when you said ‘true LCR’).

LCRplus – Mono inputs start outputting left and right, and so do stereo channels. Leaving centre empty, but a ‘blend’ control is available for every channel, so you can send either mono or stereo channels into both the centre and LR at the same time, or completely into the centre.

(please note – these are just some of the configurations we have in iLive, we have others such as Mono, LCR Sub, LCR Mono and Radio LRM).

Each of these outputs has a delay of up to 340ms.
You asked about having two sets of LR with separate delays for both. This is possible through our Speaker Matrix, but not through the Mixer Configurations above.

So in V1.8 firmware and above we have added a Speaker Matrix. This Speaker Matrix gives you the ability to have different sets of LR, all with different delay settings and a crossover for each. To find the speaker matrix, simply press the ‘FX’ button on the surface. Select an FX Rack (1 to 8), and choose Speaker Matrix from the Library list. You can even run more than one Speaker Matrix if you like.

Or you could use stereo matrices (with their own delay control) fed from LR. Just depends if you only want a second speaker stack of LR or a second stack of LCR (or even more speakers).

These can be easily configured, without having to change your mix configuration. Plus the settings can even be stored in scenes for easy and quick recall.

I know at the time you used Aux’s, which I’m glad all worked out well. But I thought I’d try and share some more information as to how much more the iLive can do!

Thanks again, and I hope this information is helpful.