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Originally posted by woutert

Is it doable to give us a list of all settings that you were using.
I hope to learn from this, or give a hint if possible.
I also need the network latency, which is not the Dvs latency, exact connections, exzct clock source settings on all devices…

Of course, I’ll see if i can remember:

T80 + IDR48, internal clock
Network latency: tried both standard-setting (?) and 5 ms safe mode
Dante Control panel: ticked on “preferred master” and “slave to external wordclock”
DVS: setup for 64 i/o, 10 ms latency, 48 khz
DAW: Macbook Pro 2,66 ghz, 4 gb ram, 7200 rpm HD, Reaper 4, recording 42 channels of audio. 40 channels from mixrack input + L/R ref. mix.
OS X network settings: DHCP

DVS/control panel recognized the network connection as gigabit.

And again: short cable working (no clicks/pops at all), long cable not working (clicks/pops approx. every 10 seconds on random tracks)

Next time, i’m gonna try out Cat6 og Cat5e.